$20 per Year
  • Activist are full dues paying members, working for the organization in many ways year around. They give speeches, organize events related to the POW/MIA issue, support and attend other veteran oriented and patriotic activities, develop alliances with other like minded individuals and organizations and are involved in fund raising activities to ensure annual budgetary requirements are met.
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$15 per Year
  • Associate Members are dues paying members who assist the Activist members, participate in events and activities when they are able, receive communications from the Council and relay those communications to their circle of interested contacts.
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$10 per Year
  • Supporters are dues paying members who are unable or unwilling to invest time and energy to the activities of the organization but have a heartfelt connection to the POW/MIA issue and the patriotic nature of the organization and are willing to pay a small amount of dues to be a non-active member. The benefit of this membership level is that they can receive communications about organization activities and pass those along to others in their sphere of influence, contribute monetarily to the organization, will tend to vote for candidates endorsed by the organization and can be counted as members for purposes of political influence.
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*Admission: Membership could be considered after completion of enrollment and receipt annual dues. Membership could be granted upon an affirmative vote of 66 2/3 of the Council.

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